Want to be at the top of Google?

We are all about results so to start off, click this link to check the rank of this website or open a new window and search for “perth networking” in Google. We are first!

FSA Technology is Perth Networking – Peter Taliangis’s proud sponsor.

We are a Perth Based Search Engine Optimisation and IT Support company. We specialise in providing long term Search Engine Optimisation Solutions for your business so that when you get to the top of a search engine, you are likely to stay there!

What’s the benefit? Well if there are 1000 searches per month for a particular term and you are first, on average, 36% of the people doing the search will go to your website!

Want to get straight down to business? Here are some reasons we think you will like us…

Guaranteed Results – We guarantee that you will see improvement in your results or you will not pay for the work! So what are you waiting for? Contact us for more details.

Only Approved Methods – We don’t try to trick the search engines (a practice that is far to common these days!) This means our results are there for the long haul.

Free consultation – Give us a call and we will give you a clear understanding of the process involved in SEO. We will even provide you with key word recommendations free of charge!

Contact us today, we are always happy to chat!

Call 08 6141 8778
Email Please use the contact form above
Website IT Company Perth
Visit Level 1, 27 Teddington Road, Burswood WA 6100

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